Netherlands: World's First Emission-Free Malthouse Inaugurated

On Thursday, Holland Malt officially inaugurated the world's first emission-free malthouse in Eemshaven, Netherlands. This innovative facility, powered by the largest heat pump project in the Netherlands - equivalent to approximately 300,000 refrigerators - is exclusively supplied with 100% renewable wind energy from Windpark Oostzeedijk. As a result, one of the group's two malting plants no longer relies on fossil fuels, biomass, or other energy sources that produce harmful emissions.

CEO Jos Jennissen and Groningen's Deputy for Climate, Energy, Water & Mobility, Johan Hamster, personally inaugurated the emission-free malthouse. By completely discontinuing the use of natural gas, Holland Malt has eliminated its gas consumption of 18 million m³ and reduced approximately 33,000 tons of CO emissions to zero.

Holland Malt, a Dutch malting company owned by the Swinkels family, who also operate Bavaria in Lieshout, the Netherlands' second-largest brewer after Heineken, with an annual production of approximately 6.6 million hectoliters. The company operates two malting plants in the Netherlands, producing 405,000 tons of malt annually, with 280,000 tons in Eemshaven and 125,000 tons in Lieshout.

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