Portugal: Unicer rebrands as Super Bock Group

Unicer Bebidas de Portugal, the largest Portuguese beverage company in which Carlsberg holds a 44% share, has announced to change this month its name into Super Bock Group (SBG) to reflect the importance of its flagship beer brand Super Bock. Super Bock, which is celebrating 90 years of production this year, is the second largest beer brand in Portugal behind Sagres from Sociedade Central de Cervejas.

SBG produces more than 3 million hectoliters of beer annually with exports to more than 50 countries worldwide. 30% of the company’s turnover is generated in export. While Angola’s share of export has been decreasing in recent years due to a slack in the economy of the African country, export to China has doubled this year, making it the most important export market for SBG.

Besides beer, SBG also produces bottled water, soft drinks, cider and wine with brands like Pedras Salgadas and Vitalis. SBG’s biggest shareholder is Portugal’s Grupo Viacer (consisting of Violas, Arsopi and BPI), which holds 56%, while the remaining 44% is owned by the Carlsberg Group.

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