Revolution Brewery recalls spoiled beer

Revolution Brewing, ranked 50 on BAA’s list of the largest craft brewing companies in the U.S. has recalled more than 10,000 barrels (approx. 11,700 hl) of beer from customers due to microbiological problems. Affected are batches of 5 popular brands of the Chicago based brewery.  Revolution founder Josh Deth said, that the beer was safe to drink but had an abnormal taste which was produced by a wild yeast that had gone unidentified.

The recall notice, which was posted on Monday on the Revolution website, said that the affected beer "exhibit ester or phenolic flavors, which are more characteristic of Belgian-style ales, and which should not be present in our standard American ales." Deth was seemingly shocked about the incident and told the Chicago Tribune: 'It's like a death in the family.'

Revolution Brewing is the largest brewery in Illinois and one of the fastest growing craft breweries in the USA. The production amounted to 24,000 barrels (28,100 hectoliters) in 2013.

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