Russia: Football fans running out of beer during World Cup

Russian bars owners have not foreseen the thirst for beer of football fans during the FIFA WorldCup 2018. Many bars, especially in cities where matches are played, have run low or out of beer.

The Independent reported that on Monday Swedish fans have literally drunk dry the capital of Nizhny Novgorod before they headed to the stadium in the western Russia city and supported their team to win 1 - 0 against the team of South Korea. An estimated 7,000 Swedes flooded Nizhny Novgorod's small city centre. “The city has never had to arrange something on this scale before, so they've been completely taken by surprise," Martin Fredman, head of security of the Swedish Football Association, told Swedish  newspaper Sportbladet. On Saturday , Sweden  plays against struggling world football champion Germany in Sochi and fans of the winning team, whoever will win, are also expected to celebrate the victory with lots of beer.

Also bars and restaurants around the Kremlin and Red Moscow get in these days the deal of their lifetime. "There are really a lot of people in Moscow ... and they are all drinking," a waiter at a upscale eatery in central Moscow was quoted by The Economic Times. "We just didn't think they would only want beer," he said.

Baltika, largest brewer in Russia and subsidiary of Danish Carlsberg Group, however, said that despite a steep increase in consumption there was no risk of supply disruption during the World Cup.

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