Singapore: APB’s Archipelago Brewery to Cease Brewing Operations

According to a report by the Asia Brewers Network, Singapore's Archipelago Brewery, owned by Heineken subsidiary Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) Singapore, will cease brewing operations. The closure, slated for June 30, comes as a response to the "evolving craft beer market realities and high operational costs," as stated in a release cited by ABN. APB's new strategy aims to "streamline our portfolio, maximize value, and reinvest in growing our core business."

Undergoing recent leadership changes, APB appointed Reinoud Ottervanger as the new managing director in August last year.

Established in 1933, Archipelago Brewery is Singapore's second oldest commercial brewery, originating from German investors who expanded brewing operations from the Dutch Indies to Singapore. Despite operating during World War II, facing seizure by the Allies and continuing production during the Japanese occupation, the brewery persisted. Its range of beer brands, including Anchor and ABC Stout, gained popularity and widespread distribution in Singapore.

Retiring the brand in 1990 in favor of Asia Pacific Breweries, Archipelago was rejuvenated as APB's craft brewing division in 2006 by then-Anderson Valley brewmaster Fal Allen. It experienced years of growth in Singapore's emerging craft beer market before its eventual closure.

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