Singapore: Interflour CEO Greg Harvey steps down after almost 13 years

Greg Harvey, CEO of Interflour Group, one of the largest flour millers in south-east Asia and since July 2017 owner and operator of South-East Asia’s largest malting plant, has stepped down due to personal reasons. Harvey, a doyen of the industry, was almost 13 years at the helm of Interflour and will move back from Singapore to Australia.

“I have been away from my family for 7 years now and it’s time to return to Perth. My family has sacrificed a lot over the years for my career and it’s time for me to return the gesture,” he was quoted as saying in a press release today.

Harvey will be replaced by Interflour Group Chief Strategy Officer Avi Fintz, who joined Interflour in 2013 after stints at Ronly and Goldman Sachs.

Under Harvey’s leadership “Interflour has transformed to become a globally recognised company and one of the leading grain processors in Southeast Asia,” said Interflour Group Chairman Imre Mencshely.

“This is an industry that runs on scale,” says Harvey, “and we have continued to add to Interflour’s through acquisition and also a number of greenfield projects over the last few years.” Indeed, over the last decade the group has built a network of 10 flour mills mostly  in south-east Asia, port facilities and a $70 million malting plant in southern Vietnam, which is operated by its subsidiary Intermalt. (, 5.7.2017)

The malting plant has an annual capacity of 110,000 tons of malt and will eventually have capacity to process approximately 140,000 tons of malting barley per annum when it becomes fully operational in the course of 2018.

Interflour, headquartered in Singapore, is a joint venture of West Australian grain growers' cooperative CBH, which has about 4100 grain-growing members, and Indonesia’s Salim Group,

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