South Africa: SAB takes government to court

South African Breweries (SAB) is challenging the constitutionality of the latest alcohol ban in South Africa. The country’s biggest brewing group has taken government to court over the latest ban on alcohol sales, the third in a row. (, 28.12.2020)

“We are concerned about the resurgence of the Covid virus and remain steadfast in our intention to continue to support the government in flattening the curve,” said SAB vice-president for corporate affairs Zoleka Lisa. “But the third ban on the sale of alcohol goes well beyond what is reasonable and necessary to contain the spread of the virus.”

Before the current ban was imposed,”we ensured to engage with government” and “we asked government to consider a reasonable alternative”, she said. “Unfortunately those proposals and the basket of potential restrictions we suggested to consider instead of an outright ban were not taken into account.” The company sees now legal actions as the only alternative to protect its employees, its clients and customers.

“We have been a partner of government and an employer in South Africa for many decades and we are vested in communities. It was a tough decision, but SAB is a legal business and millions of people are looking to us to ensure we do the right thing to balance and protect lives and livelihood,” Lisa added.

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