Spain: Mahou San Miguel to produce and distribute AB InBev brands

Mahou San Miguel, beer market leader in Spain with a production share of 34%, has signed an agreement with AB InBev, to produce and distribute a wide range of AB InBev brands as of January 2020. It’s the first time that AB InBev brands will be produced in Spain.

“Thanks to this long-term agreement, which excludes the Canary Islands, beers of the stature of Corona, Budweiser, Stella Artois, Franziskaner or Leffe will be added to the portfolio that Mahou San Miguel offers both to its hotel and catering customers; which will enable it to strengthen its leadership in Spain and respond even better to the ever-increasing demand from consumers for high-quality Premium beers,” said AB InBev in a press statement.

"The agreement with Mahou San Miguel in Spain comes at a very relevant time for our business in the country, which is growing double-digit in the food channel, driven by global brands such as Corona and Budweiser. We are excited about the potential of this alliance, which will help us accelerate our performance in the hotel and catering business, bringing some of the world's most beloved brands and exciting experiences to beer fans, customers and distributors," said Benoit Bronckart, President of AB InBev South Europe.

The complete portfolio of AB InBev brands that Mahou San Miguel will market in Spain includes: Corona, Budweiser, StellaArtois, Leffe, Franziskaner, Cubanisto, Pacífico Clara, Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial, Hoegaarden, and Jupiler.

Mahou San Miguel is a 100% Spanish-owned family company. Jose Antonio Mahou Herraiz, a seventh generation family member, is the group chairman. The group is the category leader in the country with a production share of 34%. It produces from nine breweries, eight in Spain and one in India, four water springs with packaging plants. In addition, Mahou San Miguel owns a 70 percent stake in Founders Brewing Co., a leading U.S. craft brewer from Grand Rapids, Michigan (, 30.8.2019) and in Avery Brewing Co. from Boulder, Colorado, respectively (, 2.4.2019).

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