Spain: Mahou San Miguel’s Córdoba Brewery Sets New Record

Just two month after announcing a EUR 45 million investment program in its Málaga brewery (, 5.5.2023), Mahou San Miguel, privately owned beer market leader in Spain and owner of several craft breweries in the United States (, 30.08.2019) said it will allocate EUR 4.3 million in 2023 in its Córdoba brewery to boost the competitiveness and sustainability. This figure represents a 30% increase compared to the previous year.

Two years ago, Mahou San Miguel announced another comprehensive investment program of EUR 25 million to be invested in all six production facilities in Spain. (, 20.8.2021)

This morning, Mayor Jose María Bellido had the opportunity to learn about the main ongoing investment projects at this production center, which has been operating in the city for over 20 years and employs over 100 people, both permanent and temporary.

This year, the resources will primarily be allocated to innovation and sustainable packaging projects, as well as initiatives aimed at increasing productivity, efficiency, and environmental performance of the factory. Specifically, the facilities are being prepared to eliminate plastic from can packaging, and improvements are being made to enhance flexibility and agility in the production of new formats and products that better meet the market's and ever-changing consumer's needs. These advancements have led to increased competitiveness and a rise in production volume, which is set to reach nearly one million hectoliters for the first time in its history.

Alberto Rodríguez-Toquero, CEO of Mahou San Miguel, stated, "For Mahou San Miguel, this production center is absolutely strategic, and our commitment to the city is long-term. That is why we reinforce our investment year after year, making our facilities more agile, innovative, and competitive, allowing us to continue generating employment and local wealth with the least possible environmental impact."

The 2023 investment will add to the over 29 million euros dedicated to ensuring the plant's competitiveness in the last decade and the development of pioneering projects such as the launch of its microbrewery in 2019. This microbrewery complements the main facilities and has turned this factory and the city into a magnet for brewers worldwide and a reference point in terms of innovation.

The Mahou San Miguel production center in Córdoba has set the goal of being carbon-neutral by 2030 and prioritizes promoting initiatives that increase energy efficiency and waste valorization. Therefore, it has implemented projects for CO2 recovery and improving its facilities to reduce the use of energy resources. Additionally, the plant's electricity consumption is 100% green and certified.

This year, the factory will also make a significant investment to enhance its facilities with the aim of increasing the valorizable waste to exceed 99%. This exemplifies circular economy principles and how the factory serves as a role model for best practices in resource valorization to achieve its "zero waste" objective.

The company continues to respond to market needs, generate wealth through its activities, and promote sustainability throughout its value chain. In 2022 alone, it procured goods and services worth 13.3 million euros from over 80 local companies, fostering economic activity in the province. Additionally, it collaborated on various initiatives dedicated to leisure, gastronomy, and Andalusian culture, including events like Los 40 Córdoba Pop, Córdoba Ciudad de las Ideas, and venues like Jardín Alhambra.

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