Stroh Brewery returns home

After more than 30 years Stroh brewed their first beer again in Detroit where the company originally came from. Stroh Brewery, once the third-largest brewing company in the U.S, closed its 135-year-old brewery in Detroit in 1985 after purchasing three years before Schlitz Brewing Company from Milwaukee and transferring production to the partly unused Schlitz plants.


When Stroh had its roots cut and after buying G. Heileman Brewing Company from La Crosse in 1996, the star of the iconic brand began to descend.  In 1999 the Stroh family sold most of its brands to Pabst Brewing Company and the company was dissolved.


Now, 166 years after immigrant and brewmaster Bernhard Stroh from Kirn/Germany established his first brewery in Detroit and started producing a Bohemian-style pilsner, the brewery returns to its roots and produces in Detroit again. The new beer is called Stroh’s Bohemian-Style Pilsner with 5.5% alcohol by volume using Saaz and Magnum hops and Vienna malt. It is brewed by Brew Detroit through an agreement with Pabst Brewing Company. Brew Detroit is a $7M and 68,000-square-foot brewing facility that opened in early 2015. Only part of the beer is stamped with a Brew Detroit label. Most of it comes from other Michigan breweries using the state-of-the-art facility to expand their operations.


"Stroh's is Detroit. By reintroducing Stroh's Bohemian-style Pilsner and brewing in the city, we are tapping into the history and heritage of Stroh's and the innovation and hard work of the people of Detroit." Dan McHugh, Chief Marketing Officer of Pabst Brewing Company, said in a news release.

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