Sweden: Beer truck used for terrorist attack with 4 dead

Spendrups Bryggeri, the largest independent and family-owned brewery in Sweden, was unintentionally involved in a terrible terrorist attack on Friday, when one of its trucks was stolen, rammed into a crowd of people and finally crashed into a department store in central Stockholm. Four people were killed and 15 injured, according to Swedish authorities. A 39-year-old Uzbek national was arrested on "suspicion of terrorist crime".

The brewery said one of its vehicles had been carjacked earlier on Friday as its driver was unloading barrels at a restaurant. A masked man jumped into the car and drove it away, while the driver was trying to stop him. According to unconfirmed reports, the driver was hit when he ran in front of the vehicle.

After Nice, Berlin and London, Stockholm has been the fourth place in Europe within one year where a truck was used for a terrorist attack. As it can be seen, even uninvolved third parties, like in this case Spendrups, can suddenly in the full sense of the word by accident become the center of attention. But it is also clear that it is nearly impossible to prevent such incidents in a free and open society.

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