Switzerland/Brazil: Number of breweries has mushroomed

Switzerland has not only successfully defended its title as country with the highest brewery density in the world but has in fact extended its lead. In Switzerland every brewery serves in average 8,500 inhabitants. Last year 10,000 Swiss had to share one brewery. (inside.beer, 21.11.2017) Great Britain comes in second this year with 29,300 inhabitants per brewery, followed by Germany with 53,600 inhabitants per brewery.

As the Swiss Federal Customs Administration announced, Nano Birrificio Fin in Minusio, Ticino, was the 1,000th brewhouse in Switzerland, which recently started its operations. Anyone who brews more than 400 liters of beer a year in Switzerland is subject to beer tax and needs its own tax number, which makes counting easy.

Last year at the same time the number of operating breweries in Switzerland had been 833, which means an increase in one year of 167 breweries or 20%. 25 years ago the number of operating breweries had been only 34.

But not only Switzerland has seen a growth of its breweries at an explosive rate.

The number of breweries in Brazil has increased even more by 23% during the first nine months of this year, as the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply reported. As of September, Brazil counted 835 operating breweries,156 breweries up from December 2017.

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