The Netherlands: The Swaen secures capital for future growth

The Swaen B.V., a malthouse in Kloosterzande, The Netherlands, that is specialized in the production of caramelized or roasted malts for the beer and food industry, has secured additional capital for future growth. The company informed that investment fund ‘Het Zeeuws Participatiefonds (ZPF), specialized on innovation investments in the region of Zeeland, recently agreed to participate in the growth investment of The Swaen together with its current shareholders. The partners plan to invest in the production plant to enhance energy efficiency and increase the capacity.

“With the large network within Zeeland and the clear focus on our region, the ZPf is the best possible partner for the next steps The Swaen is going to take”, said Maximilian Dohse, CEO of The Swaen B.V. “we are delighted to have Impuls Zeeland on board to support”.

Investment manager Ralph Veerhoek from Impuls Zeeland, where the ZPf is part of, commented: “Being a substantial infrastructure to Zeelands agriculture, The Swaen is a perfect fit to our participation fund that stimulates and facilitates innovation, growth potential and impact in the region”.

Edwin van Houte, head of Impuls Zeeland Innovation Financing Hub completed: “The Swaen’s ambitious digitalisation plans for their industry, show that Zeeland is strongly working on innovation.”

The Swaen is a historic malt house in Kloosterzande. The company was founded in 1906, originally as a malt house and brewery. 17 years later, the company was sold to the Menu family. In 1948 the brewery was shut down. In the 1960s the capacity of the Malthouse was increased to 15,000 tons of malt per year. In 1999 Royal Grolsch brewery bought the business and joined the management team. After Grolsch was sold for EUR 800 million to SABMiller in 2007, the brewery gradually lost interest in the malting business and the malting was sold again finally in 2013. Buyers were the de Groen family who were the former owners of Royal Grolsch. In 2014, the de Groen family also founded with partners Inselbrauerei Rügen, a flourishing craft brewery in Germany.

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