UK: AB InBev to launch Stella Artois Gluten Free

AB InBev announced this week to launch a gluten-free variant of its top-beer brand Stella Artois in the UK. The beer, which has the gluten removed  through the use of a specific protein without altering the unique taste, is designed for people suffering from coeliac disease. 1.3 million Britons are said to be on a gluten-free diet and sales statistics show that more than half (54%) of UK households buy gluten-free products throughout the year

Alexis Berger, Marketing Director for Stella Artois Europe,  said: “We’re incredibly excited to be entereing the gluten-free beer category with Stella Artois Gluten Free. Consumers will enjoy more options as the UK’s number one selling alcohol brand will be available in a delicious, gluten-free variant.“ The product will be sold in supermarkets in packages of 4 x 330 ml.

However, AB InBev is not the first brewer to enter into this beer category. Carlsberg UK as well as other breweries already pioneered the market with gluten-free beers. Celia Organic and Celia Dark are both imported from Carlsberg’s subsidiary in the Czech Republic, Žatecký Pivovar. In September last year Carlsberg UK expanded its portfolio in addition with San Miguel Gluten Free, which was already a hit in its Spanish home market.

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