UK: AI-generated beer commercial show party guests on fire

An AI-generated beer commercial, has gained attention on social media. Titled "Synthetic Summer," the 30-second video first appeared on Instagram about a week ago.

The commercial was created by Helen Power and Chris Boyle Founders  and Partners of a London-based production company called Private Island by entirely using artificial intelligence with minimal human involvement.The company has spent the last 12 months digging into machine learning and generative image.

The commercial features AI-created characters at a neighborhood barbecue drinking a generic beer. The ad is accompanied by the song "All-Star" by Smash Mouth.

As AI-generated commercials are still in the experimental stages of development, they are far from being perfect and often produce distorted or unnatural results that can be unsettling or amusing to viewers.

For example, at Synthetic Summer the beer is drunk from containers that are misshapen, huge and a mix between cans and bottles. The fires from the barbecue grills are more likely to come from a flamethrower and some of the party guests already seem to be on fire.

“This AI beer ad looks just like how an alien intelligence would perceive our beer commercials,” stated Armand Domalewski, Ecosystems Data Analyst at Palo Alto Networks.

However, the AI-generated ad showcases the creative capabilities of AI beyond academic writing and it will not take long to create more convincing commercials.

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