UK: Asahi to Close Meantime Brewery in Greenwich

Asahi's retreat in the UK continues with the announced closure of Meantime Brewery in Greenwich. This closure marks the second significant blow within less than two years, following the shutdown of Dark Star Brewing Co. in Sussex back in November 2022 (, 17.11.2024).

Production of Meantime beers, along with Dark Star ales, will now be consolidated at Fuller’s Griffin Brewery in Chiswick. Interestingly, just two years ago, production of Dark Star had to relocate from Sussex to Greenwich.

Despite these changes, Asahi UK expressed its desire to maintain a Meantime presence in Greenwich, acknowledging the brand's historical significance in British beer culture. They announced plans to create a new standalone consumer retail experience in the area, which will include brewing to honor Meantime's legacy as a pioneer of modern craft beer.

While some staff members will unfortunately face redundancy, others will have the opportunity to transition to roles at Fuller’s, according to reports from trade website The Grocer.

An Asahi UK spokesperson emphasized their commitment to supporting impacted colleagues through the consultation process, refraining from providing further details at this stage.

The company defended the decision to move Meantime to Chiswick, stating it was the most strategic move to ensure the success of their brands and facilities.

Interestingly, this announcement comes just one week after the news of another major brewer in Greenwich, Brew By Numbers, relocating to North Yorkshire following its acquisition by private equity firm Breal Group (, 22.2.2024).

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