UK: BrewDog CEO accused of trying to intimidate whistleblowers

In order to prevent the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) from airing the documentary “Disclosure: The Truth About BrewDog” on Monday evening, BrewDog CEO and Co-Founder James Watt has warned sources who gave evidence to the BBC that their identities could be exposed, the Guardian reported. The BBC “will likely have told sources that their identity will remain anonymous”, but "anonymity can never be guaranteed" and “all of this is very, very likely to end up in court,” Watts said in a post on BrewDog’s “Equity for Punks” forum. "If anyone is in any way concerned by this, it is not too late to withdraw your consent,” he added.

The BBC documentary "Disclosure: The Truth About Brewdog" investigates the brewery's unique marketing stunts, finances, as well as allegations of a toxic workplace. According to a BBC announcement “reporter Mark Daly investigates the truth behind the beer company’s marketing and financial hype, and he hears disturbing claims about BrewDog’s corporate culture.”

Last June, more than 100 former employees, more than half of them disclosing their full names, published an open letter with massive complaints, citing a “culture of fear” in which workers were bullied and “treated like objects”. (, 17.6.2021)  Some of the allegations will be revisited in the BBC documentary on Monday evening.

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