UK: BrewDog reacts to fight ‘rotten’ culture claims

BrewDog has given most of its staff a pay rise of 3% and will hire 100 new people following a massive complaint of former employees last month. In June, 60 named and 45 anonymous former employees sent an open letter to BrewDog saying that a "significant number" of former staff had "suffered mental illness as a result of working at BrewDog". The signatories complained that “the true culture of BrewDog is, and seemingly always has been, fear,” which "left people burnt out, afraid and miserable." (, 17.6.2021)

A structural review showed that certain areas of BrewDog were under-resourced following the changes the business has undergone in the last 18 months. In an effort to relieve the pressure on existing workers the company has therefore pledged to hire 100 new people.

Other changes include inter alia a review of the career development and training strategy to improve benefits for internationally working employees and a new Ethics Hotline for reporting misconduct.

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