UK: Crisp Malt Quadruples Malting Capacity at Portgordon Maltings

Crisp Malt, acquired by the Bristish subsidiary of Canada's largest grain merchant, Richardson International, in July 2023 (, 7.7.2023), has submitted a planning application to expand the malting capacity of its current site in Portgordon, Scotland, fourfold, the company reported.

The company attributes this expansion to the "ever-increasing demand from the distilling sector" and “the necessity to invest in malting capacity in Scotland to sustain the long-term growth of Scottish distilling”.

"Our current site in Portgordon, operational since 1979, supplies 42,000 tonnes of malt annually to Scottish distilleries. This application aims to bolster the thriving Scottish distilling industry," says Jake Lambert, Operations Director at Crisp Malt.

The new Portgordon Maltings plant will elevate the site's annual production capacity from 42,000 to up to 162,000 tonnes, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies to meet sustainability targets and deliver premium malt for distilling customers in Scotland.

"The proposed maltings' design and landscaping will seamlessly integrate with the surrounding landscape. [...] This significant investment will bolster the local economy, generate employment opportunities, support local malting barley growers, and contribute to the distilling industry's journey to net zero," Lambert emphasizes.

Pending approval of the planning application and adherence to schedules, production at the new Portgordon Maltings facility is projected to commence in 2027.

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