UK: Meantime offers DNA tailored beer

London’s Meantime Brewery, which is part of Asahi Group Holdings of Japan since it was sold by AB InBev  in April 2016 together with Peroni  from Italy and Grolsch from the Netherlands, offers a beer tailored to each person’s individual DNA. The price of £25,000 ($30,850) includes a saliva-sample DNA test by genetics company 23andMe, a personal brew of 12 hectoliters (10.22 US barrel) to take home and an enrolment in a beer making course.

Ciaran Giblin, Meantime’s brewmaster, who had the first brew - a double IPA - based on his own DNA, does not reveal, how he judges in detail from the individual DNA profile how to brew the beer. He only admits that the DNA test result will show personal preferences and leanings towards sweet and bitter notes in beer. But the final recipe will be determined in a one-on-one consultation with the customer.

Meantime Brewing Company, based in Greenwich, London, England. was founded in 2000. The brewery had to move and enlarge production a couple of times because of its great success. In May 2015, Meantime was bought by SAB Miller at an undisclosed sum. In 2016, the brewery had a reported beer production of 120,000 hectoliters (102,000 US barrel) but could not meet all of the demand because of restricted brewing capacities. In 2016, SAB Miller was bought by AB InBev and had to sell Meantime together with other breweries to meet requirements set by antitrust authorities. 

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