UK: Molson Coors to Invest GBP 10 Million in Tadcaster Brewery

Molson Coors Beverage Company has announced its intention to invest a substantial GBP 10 million (USD 12.1 million)  in its Tower Brewery, strategically located in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, a central point between Leeds and York in the UK. Over the course of two years, this investment in the brewery that produces beer brands like Carling, Coors, Madri Excepcional, and Worthington’s will be focused on expanding capacity and enhancing energy efficiency. Notably, this investment aligns with the brewery's near-completion of a state-of-the-art carbon dioxide recovery facility, scheduled to become operational in early 2024.

During a visit to the plant, MP Kier Mather remarked, "This move is hugely impressive, and its impact will be even more so."

Stephen Moore, Director of the Molson Coors brewery in Tadcaster, explained, "Carbon dioxide is released during the beer fermentation process, but instead of entering the atmosphere, we will soon be able to recover and transfer carbon dioxide within the brewery before it's purified and compressed into a liquid for storage. From there, it will be converted back into gas for use in the packaging process, where it will be injected into the fermented product, giving our beer its signature fizz. This innovation enhances our self-sufficiency and significantly contributes to our emissions reduction efforts."

Moore added, "This marks a landmark moment in our history, enabling us to continue producing the nation's favorite beer brands while reducing our environmental footprint as we gear up for increased production in the months and years ahead."

In 2021, Molson Coors achieved a notable milestone by becoming the first major UK brewing company to transition to 100% renewable electricity. All the energy required for the production of over one billion pints annually by Molson Coors in the UK is sourced from 22 wind turbines at the Tween Bridge wind farm in South Yorkshire, located less than 40 miles from the Tadcaster Brewery.

As part of its global sustainability commitments, Molson Coors has pledged to reduce carbon emissions from its direct operations by 50% by 2025, remarkably reaching this target four years ahead of schedule. The UK division is now actively advancing its journey toward achieving net-zero emissions at all UK sites by 2035.

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