UK: New website lists thousand breweries with beer delivery service

A new website dedicated to small and independent European breweries and retailers which provide beer delivery service in times of the coronavirus shutdown has been launched and so far already almost 1,000 brewers and retailers across thirty countries in Europe have signed up. Up to date about 28,000 users have logged on to search for craft beer in one of 5 different languages.

“There are hundreds of small independent suppliers of great beer and they are currently facing a challenge like no other. With bars, pubs and independent retailers currently closed, many of these hardworking providers of good beer have set up take-out and delivery services so you can still enjoy them!” describes BeerIsHerethe current situation.

“This website has been set up to help you find these services and ensure that these small businesses can continue to sell to those that love a well-crafted beer,” BeerIsHere explains its mission.

Inscription and the use of the website is free of charge. "Without continuing to support these businesses now during the lockdowns across Europe we risk not having them later, meaning we lose something special,” says John Willetts, Director at Simply Hops that operates the website.

The initiative of Simply Hops, a UK-based hops wholesaler within the global BarthHaas group, is being supported by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) and other local suppliers to the UK craft beer industry.

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