UK: The Return of the Pint, Brexit's Greatest Achievement?

The UK government has identified a "Brexit opportunity" to reintroduce wine sold by the pint. Starting in 2024, alongside existing measures 200ml, 500ml and also the 568ml (pint) size will be admitted. The Department for Business and Trade (DBT) announced this move, attributing it to Brexit.

The minor adjustments to wine measures are optional, akin to a concurrent effort encouraging producers of pint beer glasses to incorporate a crown. This means that bars, clubs, restaurants, and supermarkets will still have the option to sell standard bottles of 750 ml and half bottles of 375ml.

For many observers, the partial return to the pint is seen as a pretext to retrospectively convince the population of the benefits of Brexit, especially since many promised advantages have not materialized after the departure from the EU, and the situation has, in fact, largely deteriorated.

The government has promoted the reintroduction of the pint measure for champagne as a claimed "Brexit victory"; however, practical challenges suggest that the product is unlikely to be available on shelves. Most French Champagne producers have responded to an inquiry stating that they see no reason to reintroduce the pint-sized bottle.

Despite contemplating a complete return to imperial measures, the government, following consultation, has chosen not to enact new legislation in this regard. The UK officially embraced the metric system in the late 1990s.

While some welcome the change, critics argue that it diverts attention from more urgent issues such as healthcare, environmental concerns, and crime.

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