UK: Wine becomes more popular at the expense of beer

The British drink more than two times more wine than beer and the gap is increasing, according to the British Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA). On average every drinker in the UK consumes yearly £148 ($190) of wine compared to only £62 ($80) of beer.

While beer is predominantly produced domestically, wine is usually imported. With the ailing British Pound after the Brexit decision, the wine will will most likely soar even more.

UK is already the sixth-largest wine market in the world and needs to import 1.8 billion bottles of wine a year. But there is one fact that might help a little bit to cushion this trend: Thanks to the climate change and improved growing techniques, UK is growing more own wine than ever. The country has more than 500 vineyards with 64 new ones (+15%) sprouting up last year alone.

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