USA: Asahi Aims to “Acquire a Sizeable Beer Company"

Asahi Group Holdings plans to undertake several significant acquisitions in the United States in the coming years to bolster the presence of its Asahi Super Dry brand. "In the coming years, we anticipate being in a financial position conducive to pursuing significant mergers and acquisitions," stated Atsushi Katsuki, Chief Executive Officer of Asahi Group Holdings Ltd, during a Thursday interview.

Recently, Asahi acquired Octopi Brewing, based in Wisconsin, with the goal of introducing Super Dry beer to the US market for the first time (, 5.1.2024). Super Dry, launched in 1987, holds the title of Japan's top-selling beer. Despite its current presence in the US, Katsuki believes there is substantial untapped potential for the product in the American market.

"We envision acquiring a sizable beer company as the ideal scenario for expanding Super Dry's footprint in North America," noted the CEO. "However, we have yet to identify a suitable target for such an acquisition."

Additionally, Asahi plans to prioritize the development of its low- and non-alcoholic product lines, aiming to increase their share to 20% of total volume by 2030, doubling the current ratio.

In response to recent guidelines issued by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to mitigate alcohol-related harm, Katsuki emphasized the importance of Asahi's low- and non-alcoholic offerings in promoting responsible drinking. "We recognize the need to actively promote responsible alcohol consumption and mitigate the negative impacts associated with excessive drinking," Katsuki remarked. "Our aim is to minimize alcohol-related harm, fostering sustainability for both our company and society. Furthermore, we've observed a growing preference among younger consumers for alternatives like our 3.5% Dry Crystal."

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