USA: CBrands is launching a range of new RTDs and premix cocktails

Constellation Brands (CBrands) has recently launched several new RTDs and premix cocktails thus demonstrating its “commitment to innovate for consumer-leading trends”.

In March, CBrands added four new varieties to its Corona hard seltzer range in the United States. Corona Hard Seltzer Seltzerita is made with a splash of real Mexican lime juice, sweetened with agave and cane sugar, and comes in four bright flavors: Classic Lime, Peach, Mango, and Strawberry.

Two weeks later the company presented an RTD expansion of its Svedka Vodka brand for the United States. Svedka Tropics Tea Spritz is positioned as a "hard spirit-based seltzer" and is enriched with tea and fruit flavors.

Last in line is Next Round Cocktails, CBrand’s first-ever ready-to-drink (RTD) and multi-serve boxed wine cocktails.

The cocktails are packaged bag-in-box and in Tetra box for easy transport and ready to serve. The packaging illustrations are designed by Simone Noronha, an award-winning illustrator whose work regularly appears alongside stories published in major national media outlets.

The drinks are crafted with crisp wine along with a blend of natural fruit juices, and come in two flavor options including Salted Lime Margarita and Strawberry Lime Sangria.

Next to the natural fruit juices, the Salted Lime Margarita is made with white wine and comes with a 13.5% ABV while the Strawberry Lime Sangria features a crisp rose wine base and comes with a 10% ABV.

The rolling launch of Next Round Cocktails is underway at major retailers nationwide along with online delivery such as Instacart and Drizly.

Both flavors come in a 1.5L bag-in-box at a suggested retail price of USD 16.99 and a 500mL single serve Tetra box with a suggested retail price of USD 5.99.

"Next Round Cocktails represents Constellation Brands' commitment to innovate for consumer-leading trends, such as creatively intersecting the growing consumer interest we see in the USD 696.5 million pre-mixed cocktails category and the USD 903.2 million premium boxed wine category," said Ann Stockman, VP of Emerging Brands at CBrands. "Recent YPulse research of our target consumer reports that post-covid, 66 percent would prefer to drink at home than go out, so we've created Next Round Cocktails to fit right in as the ultimate co-host, all tastefully dressed and ready-to-serve up the fun."

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