USA: Constellation Brands to roll out Corona Premier nationwide

After successful market tests Constellation Brands, third-largest beer supplier in the United States, announced a nationwide roll-out of Corona Premier. The low-calorie, low-carbohydrate version of its Mexican beer Corona Extra proofed successful in three test markets at the beginning of this year and will hit the shelves nationwide in February 2018. Corona Premier contains 90 calories, a bit more than half of the calories of Corona Extra with 149 calories. In comparison Corona Light contains 99 calories.

"Corona Premier capitalizes on industry and consumer trends including declines of domestic light beers, growth of high end and interest in new light beers that are premium and have badge value," the company said in an email to CNBC.

Premier is line priced with Corona Extra, but its target audience is different than Corona’s base – aimed squarely at men 35-55 who seek products that fit their active lifestyle and support their desire to make healthier choices.

In addition, Constellation Brands will also release Corona Familiar in all major Hispanic markets, which are a key target group for the brand. Corona Familiar is already one of the most traditional beers in Mexico. It is packaged in a classic brown bottle that is ubiquitous in all of Mexico’s territory, and for several generations has embodied the tradition of Mexico’s beer culture. The Spanish word “Familiar”, (in English “Family”), originates from the fact that the 32 oz. bottle was created to be served in individual portions and shared with friends and family, much like a bottle of wine in Mediterranean countries. This is the Familiar “ritual.” Although sometimes Corona Familiar is used as a single-serve, in Mexican culture it is often served at the center of the table to be shared.

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