USA: FBI takes over investigation into SysTech case

The FBI has now taken over investigations into SysTech Stainless Works, a former manufacturer of brewery equipment, which went out of business in September 2017 without paying back deposits from at least half a dozen of customers. Craft breweries all across the United States have accused the company and its founders  Jason and Amanda Spurrell of providing defective equipment or delivering no equipment at all after receiving tens of thousands of dollars in deposits. (, 4.12.2017)

The lawsuit, which was filed by Sinistral Brewing Co., based in Manassas, Virginia, reads: “We believe that Jason and Amanda created this business as a means to get money from breweries and did not have the intention of fulfilling the equipment orders”. The brewery lost a deposit totalling $70,165. Other craft breweries, which were supposedly also defrauded include Hoodletown Brewing Co. in Dover, Ohio; Lock 15 Brewing Co. in Akron,  Ohio; Moose Lake Brewing Co. in Moose Lake, Minnesota; Sideways Farm & Brewery in Etowah, North Carolina, and A Little Madness Brewing Co. in Pensacola, Florida.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office confirmed that the FBI office based in Manassas, Virginia, has now taken over the investigation.

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