USA: Finestkind Brewing Expands with Acquisition of Wachusett Brewing

Finestkind Brewing, based in New Hampshire and owner of Smuttynose Brewing Co, is continuing its expansion efforts. Following the acquisition of Brooklyn-based craft brewery Five Boroughs Brewing last November, the brewery has now purchased the legacy brewery Wachusett Brewing Company in Central Massachusetts.

Wachusett Brewing, renowned for its award-winning Blueberry Ale, was founded in 1994 by three Massachusetts college students with a passion for the outdoors and brewing culture.

"Their commitment to quality and community closely aligns with our own values at Smuttynose," said Steve Kierstead, Smuttynose CEO, to the Boston Globe. "Wachusett, a brand with 30 years of history, is not only a local leader in the fruit beer category, but their addition significantly diversifies our portfolio."

Kierstead mentioned that there are no current plans to alter Wachusett’s beer lineup, although the company will assess what is effective and what is not and won't rule out future changes. According to Brewbound, Smuttynose will eventually produce Wachusett beers at its Hampton, NY brewery.

Founded in 1994 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Smuttynose was the state's first craft brewery. Benefiting from the boom years of craft beer, the company moved into a new facility on a historic 17-acre site in Towle Farm in Hampton, NH – a state-of-the-art operation that offered tours, tastings, and even a nine-hole disc golf course.

After a brief four years at the new facility, the company announced a bank auction of the brewery. Producing 75,000 barrels (88011 hl) of beer a year, the company was operating at 50% capacity at the time. Provident Bank purchased the company at auction for USD 8.25 million (, 9.3.2018), and it was quickly sold to Runnymede Investments, which formed Finestkind. Under Finestkind’s management, Smuttynose experienced a revival. It is currently distributed in 25 states and 11 countries.

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