USA: Hop production 2021 hits another record high

U.S. hop acreage hit another record high in 2021. Approximately 60,750 acres were strung this year in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), an increase of 4% over 2020 with all three states (Washington, Idaho, and Oregon) increasing their acreage, according to Hopsteiner’s 2021 U.S. Hop Crop Report released today.

Despite “peculiar” weather and climate conditions with extreme, unseasonable heat in June production could increase even more by 8% with a production forecast at 116-million pounds.

The top five hop varieties with the most acreage accounted for 53% of total US acreage strung for 2021.

Notable variety changes with greater than 50% strung acreage differences from 2020 to 2021 are as follows:

  • Cashmere (+59%) to 908 total acres),
  • Mt. Rainier (+61%) 440 total acres,
  • Tahoma™ (+103%) 486 total acres.

Varieties that increased by greater than 20% are as follows:

  • Bravo™ (+21%) to 256 total acres,
  • Eureka™ (+21%) 790 total acres,
  • Saaz (+27%) 380 total acres,
  • Triumph (+41%) 55 total aces.

Notable variety decreases also reshaped acreage for 2021 with differences of 20% and greater coming from:

  • Ahtanum™ (-27%) to 168 total acres,
  • Centennial (-23%) 2,258 total acres,
  • Ekuanot™ (-24%) 487 total acres,
  • Fuggle (-48%) 18 total acres,
  • Mt. Hood (-21%) 164 total acres,
  • Nugget (-31%) 611 total acres,
  • Summit™ (-32%) 438 total acres,
  • Warrior (-38%) 177 total acres.

International markets continue to play an important role in the US hop market. Unlike the US, craft beer abroad is still maturing, but trends show favoritism toward alluring US craft beer styles.

US grown proprietary varieties are well received, paving way to healthy demand for US aroma/flavor hops and further influencing acreage expansion.

Although, the US hosts the most acreage of any nation, Germany follows close by with 50,955 acres strung for 2021, down roughly half a percent from 2020. Combined European acreage sums to 80,697 acres and brings the world total to an estimated 157,227 market acreage total.

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