USA: John I. Haas presents new concentrated hop pellets

John I. Haas, North America's leading hops supplier has presented “a highly consistent, concentrated lupulin pellet designed to deliver optimized hop flavor.” The company says in a press statement that Lupomax is a flavor as well as an aroma product and delivers a “standardized lupulin content” and a “true-to-type hop flavor” which makes it easier for brewers to achieve a uniform bitterness and hop flavor in beer year after year.

According to the producer, this pellet provides cleaner, more intense hop flavor without undesirable grassy, astringent flavors by reducing the vegetative matter. “The reduced vegetative matter of Lupomax pellets gives me a clean hop flavor and really saves on beer loss, too. It can be used at any stage in the brewing process, but it really shines where flavor intensity and reducing beer loss matter most, like dry hopping,” says Virgil McDonald, Head Brewmaster, John I. Haas Innovations Brewery.

The product is currently available in hop brands such as Citra, Mosaic, and SABRO, with more choices coming with the 2020 crop.

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