USA: Launch of Ultra Right Beer in response to AB InBev’s transgender campaign

Conservative Dad's Ultra Right Beer, a beer that appeals to right-wing consumers became an instant hit after its launch. The product sold 20,000 six-packs and gained over 10,000 customers, demonstrating support from conservatives who disagree with ideas like LGBTQ equality. Sales are expected to exceed USD 1 million within 12 days of its launch.

The brew was developed by Georgia conservative Seth Weathers in response to AB InBev that offered a commemorative Bud Light can to Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender influencer and activist who has documented her first year of transition to womanhood for her more than 10 million TikTok followers. (, 14.4.2023)

Weathers produced a promotional video in which he smashes a can of Bud Light with a baseball bat. Meanwhile, Weathers explains his view of the world. “America’s been drinking beer from a company that doesn’t even know which restroom to use. That’s why I created Conservative Dad's Ultra Right 100% Woke Free beer. [Woke is an adjective derived from African-American Vernacular English meaning ‘alert to racial prejudice and discrimination.’]

“As conservatives, we‘re constantly getting hit in the face left and right, by the woke mind virus. But the last place we want it is in our beer. If you know which bathroom to use, you know what beer you should be drinking. Stop giving money to woke corporations that hate our values,” he says in the video.

The video garnered more than 46 million views.

Weathers had initially problems finding a brewery to produce the beer. He reportedly attempted to tap Illinois-based Bent River Brewing Company to brew his anti-woke beer. “We were initially approached to possibly contract a beer for a customer,” the company said. (…) “When we were made aware of the marketing for the product, we chose to pass on producing it.”

According to the product’s website the beer is currently in production and will be “100% made in America in Gwinnett County, Georgia”. The 6-pack is sold online for USD19,99 and will ship approximately 30 days after ordering.

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