USA: Monster Beverage Finalizes Acquisition of Bang Energy

Monster Beverage Corporation has successfully completed the acquisition of Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc., commonly known as Bang Energy, through its subsidiary Blast Asset Acquisition LLC. The deal, valued at approximately USD 362 million, brings in Bang Energy's assets, including its signature energy beverages and a cutting-edge production facility located in Phoenix, Arizona.

The transaction was completed after meticulous negotiations and regulatory approvals, solidifying Monster Beverage Corporation's position in the highly competitive energy drink market. The acquired assets will bolster the company's existing portfolio and manufacturing capabilities.

In October 2022, Vital Pharmaceuticals filed for Chapter 11 protection, subsequent to the termination of a distribution partnership with PepsiCo and a subsequent lawsuit in which Bang Energy accused PepsiCo of "gross misconduct." (, 10.10.2022)

Rodney C. Sacks, Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Monster Beverage Corporation, expressed his excitement about the new prospects this acquisition brings. He stated, "We are enthusiastic about the opportunities this acquisition presents to us and believe that the Bang brand will fit well within our broader portfolio of energy drink brands."

Hilton H. Schlosberg, Vice Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer, further elaborated on the strategic significance of this acquisition. "We are pleased to add Bang Energy beverages, with their distinct market positioning and loyal consumer base, into our energy drink portfolio. As part of the transaction, we are also acquiring a state-of-the-art beverage plant in Phoenix, and we will be increasing production at this facility to accommodate certain of our other brands."

The inclusion of the Bang Energy brand is expected to bring synergy to Monster Beverage Corporation's diverse array of energy drink offerings. This acquisition not only diversifies the company's product lineup but also provides access to a devoted consumer following that the Bang Energy brand has garnered over time.

Hilton H. Schlosberg emphasized the overall optimism surrounding the acquisition, concluding, "We are excited for the opportunities for all of our brands." The successful completion of this transaction marks a significant milestone for Monster Beverage Corporation, showcasing its commitment to strategic growth and innovation in the ever-evolving beverage industry.

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