USA: Sour beer producers form new guild

A group of sour beer producers, including New Belgium, Allagash, Black Project, The Rare Barrel, Side Project and Jester King met last week in Denver and agreed to form a new guild called The Sour and Wild Ales Guild (SWAG), as GBH reported on Friday.

Erin Jones of North Carolina’s Burial Beer Co., who helped to organize the event, said that SWAG should be “a resource for all the sour brewers in the country, making videos, hosting panels, events.”

“The guild will be about advocacy. More of a democratic community of sour brewers who can help each other out,” expressed Jay Goodwin of California’s The Rare Barrel his ideas.

In the opinion of Jeffrey Stuffings of Texas's Jester King, SWAG should also act “as a committee creating some recommendations when it comes to sour beer nomenclature, taxonomy, and working with the Brewers Association (BA) to restructure the style guidelines for competitions like Great American Beer Festival (GABF).”  


Stuffings settlement with Belgiums’s High Council on Artisanal Lambic Beers (HORAL) in respect to the correct designation of the production method of spontaneous fermentation (, 2.10.2017) was one of the many discussed topics of the meeting.

USA: Sour beer producers form new guild

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