USA: Stone Brewing brews beer from toilet water

Sometimes ecological awareness might be a little bit overdone, or how would you like a beer made from toilet water? Stone Brewing from Escondido, 30 miles northeast of downtown San Diego, California, has now unveiled a new beer, which is made like this. The brewing water comes from the Pure Water San Diego program, which aims to supply one-third of San Diego’s water supply through recycled wastewater by 2035.

According to Steve Gonzalez, Senior Manager of Brewing and Innovation at Stone Brewing, the new Stone Full Circle Pale Ale is “among the best pale ales the brewery has ever made.” San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer also called the beer “delicious”. Nevertheless, most drinkers would most likely prefer a beer made from pure spring water although it might be in appearance and taste identical to the abovementioned product.

The commercial success of Stone Full Circle Pale Ale is therefore questionable, when the beer is soon available to the public.

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