USA: Stone Brewing seeks injunction against MillerCoors

The battle between Stone Brewing, one of the largest craft brewing companies in the US, and MillerCoors is going to the next round. In a recent move Stone Brewing is seeking an injunction against MillerCoors that would prohibit the brewer to sell Keystone Light in certain packages.  The injunction seeks to prevent MillerCoors from “selling, advertising, or offering for sale any beer or alcohol product whose label or packaging displays the term ‘Stone’ or ‘Stones’ apart from or in a different font, typeface, color, placement, shading and overall emphasis from the term ‘Key’ in defendant’s ‘Keystone’ brand.”

In February Stone Brewing took the second biggest US-brewer MillerCoors to court for trademark infringement and unfair competition accusing MillerCoors for rebranding its Keystone beer brand and emphasizing the word "Stone" on the label and thus overtly copying and infringing the Stone trademark. (, 12.2.2018)

As a response MillerCoors filed a counterclaim against Stone Brewing in April (, 12.4.2018) which is now replied with the injunction.

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