USA: “Your Manager Is Bitch”

After being insulted by one of its customers, Beale’s Brewery from Bedford, Virginia is fighting back by launching a beer named after, and inspired by, their vulgar and explicit email of complaint.

The customer recently cussed out one of the employees who enforced a mask mandate in the brewery’s taproom, and then followed it up with an email. “Ya’ll suck. Your manager is bitch and your beer tastes like hot old orange juice,” the email reads.

Instead of complaining about or ignoring this email, Beale’s general manager Brittany Canterbury decided to “fight back” with a beer named after the explicit email.

“Your Manager Is Bitch” is an American Porter with 7.6% ABV that tastes like pecan pie, with “notes of caramelized sugar and warm, toasted pecans,” according to the brewery. The name is lacking an “A,” but that’s exactly how the guest has written it in the email.

The can of the new beer shows on one side a picture of Brittany Canterbury with the slogan “Your Manager Is Bitch” and displays on the other side the original email and a message of the brewery saying: “This beer is a love letter to all of the service industry workers who, despite a global pandemic, endeavor each day to provide a safe, welcoming environment for their guests. While we can’t prevent the verbal abuse from that small fraction of customers who refuse to acknowledge your humanity, we will continue to call it out and stand with you.”

"We made this beer mostly out of a deep, abiding pettiness," the brewery wrote on social media.  “As one of the few local businesses that follows the mask mandate, we’ve taken our fair share of sh*t from customers throughout the pandemic. […] Every single host, server, bartender, and manager deserves to be treated as fully human. Women aren’t b*tches simply because they tell you something you don’t care to hear.”

“[Brittany Canterbury] started with us as a server when Beale’s opened, worked her way up to bartender and now GM. She’s kept our team together throughout the past year, gracefully navigating every new challenge thrown her way”, another statement on Instagram reads.

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