World: Global beer consumption decreased by nearly 2% in 2016

World beer consumption decreased last year by 1.8% according to a new study by London/UK-based International Wine and Spirits Record (IWSR).This is an acceleration of the ongoing trend of just -0.6% in the previous five years. According to the study, the figure for 2016 is mainly influenced by the situation in the three major beer markets China (-4.2%), Brazil (-5.3%) and Russia (-7.8%).

The researchers also found out that in 2016 Wine was flat overall (-0.1%), with sparkling wine growing at 1.8% and still wine down by 0.5%. Cider declined by 1.5%, mainly due to a negative development in South Africa.

Spirits grew by 0.3%, with tequila (+5.2%), gin (+3.7%), and whisky (+1.7%) up and vodka (-4.3%) down, mainly due to legal restrictions in Russia.

Summarizing all these categories, IWSR found out that the global market for alcoholic drinks shrunk last year by 1.3%, compared with an average rate of just -0.3% in the previous five years.

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