Canada: Prime Ministers agree on doubling the amount of alcohol you can take across provincial borders

While a country like the United States is currently closing its borders for free trade, others are doing just the opposite:

Canada's Council of the Federation, an organization composed of the premiers of Canada's 13 provinces and territories and the Canadian prime minister, has agreed on Thursday to nearly double the amount of alcoholic beverages, which are allowed to take across borders in the Canadian provinces Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, P.E.I, Yukon, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. Alberta and Manitoba have already no legal limits whatsoever, and remain unchanged under the new rules. Only Yukon and Newfoundland have decided to wait before adopting the new rules for various reasons.

The new limits are

  • six litres of spirits;
  • 18 litres of wine (or two cases); and
  • 49.2 litres of beer (six standard cases of 24).

The provinces were given 18 months to adjust their legislation before the new rules come into force.

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