COVID-19: How long will it last?

This is another question which nobody can really answer. Most predictions assume that the COVID-19 pandemic can no longer be stopped, but only delayed. So far, all measures have been aimed at keeping the number of infected people as low as possible in order to ensure orderly health care for the population.

But a delay also means that we have to live with the effects of this disease for longer. It is believed that the strict restrictions on the population are only gradually being lifted. Experts currently believe that after about a year there will be a 70% infection rate of the population and that a vaccine will not be available until one and a half to two years from now. It is estimated that it will take up to one year for life to re-emerge as we knew it before the outbreak. The long-term consequences of the pandemic, which may lead to a permanent change in behavior in the population, cannot yet be assessed.

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