Denmark: Carlsberg goes global with glued six-packs

After a successful market test in the UK, Carlsberg is going global with a new eco-friendly packaging for six-packs. The new packaging concept called Snap Pack which was presented first in September last year (,  7.9.2018) replaces the traditional plastic rings with tough glue that holds the beer cans together. Customers can simply 'snap' away a can from the pack, while the glue can then be left on the cans to be removed during the recycling process.

The new six-packs were well received in the UK in late 2018 and are now being rolled out in Norway, as well as Carlsberg’s home market of Denmark. Other markets will follow soon.

The new packaging took three years to develop and was tested and implemented in collaboration with packaging firm KHS from Germany (, 8.3.2018).

Carlsberg Group’s chairman Flemming Besenbacher told Yahoo Finance that once the new glue packaging is rolled out in other countries, it could reduce plastic waste by more than 1,200 tons globally, which is “equivalent to eliminating 60 million plastic bags each year.” According to Carlsberg Snap Pack is expected to reduce the amount of plastic used in these multi-packs by up to 76%.

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