Germany: 10% increase instead of 22% decline in hop production

“Despite unfavorable weather conditions during June and July with too low and regional varied rainfall and excessive temperatures the change in weather in August with sufficient rainfall and moderate temperatures helped to lift expectations to an acceptable average hop crop,” the German Hop Growers' Association said in its crop estimate which was published today.

Just one month ago, hop growers in the Hallertau, Elbe-Saale, Tettnang and Spalt regions were afraid that the lack of rainfall and the high temperatures could cause a dramatic decline in hop production in Germany of 21 to 23 percent. This was even more dramatic since the area of cultivation in Germany was this year slightly increased.

According to the figures released today, The Hop Growers' Association now forecasts a production of 45,849 t of hops on a total acreage of 20,417 ha in Germany – with 9.7 percent increase significantly more than in the previous year (41,794 t). The great majority is accounted for by the largest growing area, Hallertau (Bavaria). With a total area of ​​16,995 ha (+514 ha), a harvest of 39,400 t (2018: 36,555 t) is expected there. For the area Elbe-Saale (Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt) the association estimates a harvest of 3,214 t (2018: 2,488 t) on an area of ​​1,547 ha (+40 ha). 2,572 t on an acreage of 1,438 ha (+75 ha) are expected in Tettnang (Baden-Württemberg). The smallest cultivation area Rheinpfalz / Bitburg / Hochdorf / RHW is expected to produce 45.90 t (2018: 44.59 t) on a constant area of ​​22 ha. Only the Spalt region expects a lower production of 617.50 t (2018: 631.34 t) compared to last year on a slightly increased acreage of 415 ha (+15 ha). Reason for this is a storm damage that destroyed an acreage of about 10% last Sunday.

Qualified statements on this year's alpha acid levels cannot be done at the moment. However, “the plantings are healthy and one can expect a good quality,” states the Hop Grower’s Association.

Due to the delayed maturation, the hop harvest will start this year at the beginning of September.

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