Germany: WorldKeg launches world's first one-way stainless steel keg

WorldKeg, a new patent-pending non-returnable stainless steel keg, is ready to conquer the market for one-way packaging of beer, wine, soft drinks and other beverages and liquids. Gerd-Albrecht Graf, brewmaster and CEO of CoolSystem KEG, a company so far specialized in self-cooling kegs, took three years to develop the new product, which combines the advantages of stainless steel kegs with those of a one-way container

WorldKeg weighs only 2.3 kg despite a stainless steel body and is therefore not heavier than a PET plastic keg. In contrary to competing PET kegs, WorldKeg is 100% tasteless, light and gas tight, up to 7.5 bar pressure resistant and completely recyclable. German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) and the packaging institute of VLB-Berlin have independently certified the pressure resistance and the equivalence in taste and product quality of a WorldKeg against a standard stainless steel keg. The product has survived without damage forcing tests over longer periods of time with temperatures of up to 60 °C, as can occur during container export.

WorldKeg is delivered to the customer steam sterilized and carbon dioxide pre-pressurized with 1.5 bar. This makes cleaning and sterilization of the container in the kegging plant redundant and hygienic and sterile filling is always guaranteed.

The new product can be filled with minor modifications on every existing keg filling line. The filled kegs can be tapped with a tapping pressure of up to 5 bar in every bar around the world without additional equipment, thanks to its patent pending keg fitting and coupler, which comes with every keg.

The stackable, slimline design makes it possible to stack 32 filled 30-liter kegs in two layers on a one-way pallet, so 640 kegs can be shipped in one single 20-foot container. Compared to other types of packaging, WorldKeg offers the best possible use of space in a container and thus has the lowest logistics costs per hectoliter. In addition to the 30 liter container, WorldKeg will also be available in sizes of 20-, 15- and 10-liter.

Assembling of the kegs is done in a newly erected factory building in Germany. The first WorldKegs produced in large series will be delivered within the next two months to Oettinger Brauerei, one of the largest breweries in Germany and other booked customers. International sales and licensing of production abroad will be done by WorldKeg International. The company expects to start production in North America and on other continents in the coming years.

With costs that amount to only one third of an ordinary reusable stainless-steel keg and which are only slightly higher than that of PET plastic kegs, WorldKeg is a true alternative for all breweries and beverage producers who want to export their products at competitive prices, but without compromising quality.

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