Japan: Kirin Aims to Sell Over Half a Million Hectoliters of New Beer Brand

For the first time in 17 years, Kirin Brewery Co. of Japan is set to launch a new standard-priced beer in its home market. Harekaze, the new beer brand, will hit the shelves on Tuesday.

Standard-priced beer is a category that is poised for growth following the revision of the spirits tax law in October 2023. Several companies have already tapped into this market successfully with a range of new products.

In line with the expected decrease in Japan's beer tax by 2026, Kirin is strategically positioning itself to boost beer sales. This includes leveraging both the Harekaze and its flagship Ichiban Shibori brand.

Harekaze distinguishes itself with the use of rare domestic hops, imparting a unique citrus fragrance while maintaining a balanced level of acidity, promising a delightful and smooth drinking experience, according to Tomohiro Tayama, Kirin's master brewer.

Expected to retail for approximately 225 yen per 350-milliliter can at convenience stores, Kirin targets sales of over half a million hectoliters of Harekaze in its inaugural year, as reported by Nippon.com.

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