Japan: Kirin Holdings Expands Portfolio with Functional Tea Brand

Kirin Beverage Company Limited, a subsidiary of Kirin Holdings Company, has announced today the acquisition of Healthya, a leading functional tea-catechin beverage brand, from Kao Corporation.

Under this agreement, Kirin will take over five tea-catechin beverage brands spanning eight product types, including variants with Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) and Food with Function Claims. These include Healthya Green Tea, Healthya Green Tea Umami Taste, Healthya Water (a sports drink), Healthya my rhythm Sparkling (a carbonated drink), and Healthya Tea Catechin Green Tea taste (a powdered drink).

Launched in 2003, Healthya was the first tea brand endorsed for its health-promoting functionality, particularly in body fat reduction, based on extensive metabolic research on body fat and visceral fat. Since its inception, Healthya has been at the forefront of the market. It became the first tea brand authorized as FOSHU in Japan, drawing on years of metabolic research. Since then, Healthya has not only carved a niche in the beverage market but has also become a perennial favorite, with approximately 3.1 billion bottles sold to date.

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