UK: Bairds Malt Expands Production Capacity in Inverness Malting Site

Bairds Malt announced today a further expansion of production capacity at its Inverness malting site. This investment follows the completion of Project Angel last year, which added 79,000 metric tons of capacity to the existing 42,000 metric tons to meet the demand for quality malt, especially in the Scottish distilling (, 16.2.2021).

After Malteries Soufflet acquired Bairds’ parent company, United Malt Group, in November 2023 (, 3.7.2023), Bairds seized the opportunity to enhance its global growth strategy. As the largest UK maltster with a significant presence in Scotland, Bairds Malt plans to increase annual capacity by an additional 57,000 metric tons by early 2027, bringing the total capacity of the site to 178,000 metric tons. This expansion is supported by existing planning consent and infrastructure development.

Guillaume Couture, Managing Director of Malteries Soufflet, expressed excitement about the expansion, marking it as the flagship facility for the combined UK business. Bairds Malt remains committed to meeting the growing demand for high-quality distilling malt while prioritizing sustainability initiatives, including integrating renewable energy and expanding water conservation efforts.

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