USA: Fresh Trouble for Nestlé's Perrier

Kevin O'Rourke, a New York resident, initiated a class action against Nestle USA in a federal court in New York on Monday, Reuters reported. He claims that Nestle is misbranding its Perrier bottled water, violating both French and U.S. regulations pertaining to mineral water. According to the lawsuit, Nestle is deceiving consumers by labeling Perrier as mineral water, despite being aware that the French spring in Vergeze, its source, is contaminated and necessitates treatment and filtration. Consequently, the water fails to meet the standards for natural mineral water as stipulated by both U.S. and French regulations.

These claims are bolstered by Nestlé's earlier admission in France to illegally using "food safety" treatments such as ultraviolet light and active carbon filters on its products, including Perrier and Vittel (, 29.1.2024). While these treatments are not harmful to consumer health, they are not permitted by law for "mineral water," which is expected to be untreated or minimally processed.

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