USA: The World’s Most Popular Beer Brand Set to Conquer the US Market

Snow Beer, the world's best-selling beer brand, has officially made its debut in the North American market. Despite its success in China, the brand has remained relatively unknown in other regions so far.

China Resources Snow Breweries (China) Co, the brewery responsible for Snow Beer, has been a dominant force in the Chinese beer industry for over two decades and now sets its sights on replicating its success in America. The company is a subsidiary of China Resources Beer (Holdings), a leading brewing group in China in which Heineken holds a 40% stake (, 5.11.2018).

The "Brave the World" series of Snow Beer is now available in supermarkets, liquor stores, and restaurants across California, New York, Washington State, and beyond. The company plans to introduce additional products in the coming months, including "Classic Snow Beer" slated for release in second quarter2024. The eagerly awaited "Opera Mask" series, featuring unique flavors and designs inspired by Chinese opera, is expected to launch in late 2024 or early 2025.

According to the company, “Snow Beer is not only a new beer option for American consumers, but also a gateway to the depth and sophistication of Chinese beer culture, which has a long and rich history”. The company says it hopes to create new traditions and connections with American consumers, while respecting and understanding the diverse tastes and cultural nuances in the international market.

Ever Grand Group serves as the exclusive distributor of Snow Beer in the U.S., having been designated as the official certified import agent. Since its inception in 2022, Ever Grand Group has expanded its market presence through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

The company is confident that it “can make a significant impact on the North American beer industry”, and “bring more joy and satisfaction to beer lovers around the world”.

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