Asia: Sapporo Breweries To Partner With Carlsberg Group

Starting in January, Sapporo Breweries is partnering with Carlsberg Group to introduce Sapporo Premium and Yebisu brands in key Asian markets. Their goal is to sell 1.5 million cases annually by 2026 in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, nearly double the 2023 estimate. Sapporo has signed distribution deals with Carlsberg in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, leveraging Carlsberg's sales channels.

Sapporo has also outsourced Sapporo Premium production to a Carlsberg brewery in Malaysia, streamlining operations. They plan to market themselves as a premium brand in Singapore, targeting middle- and upper-class consumers.

With a shrinking share in Japan's alcoholic beverage market, Sapporo aims to expand its presence in Asia, seeing ASEAN as a prime market. This strategic move aligns with their vision for global growth beyond North America, where the company recently announced to close Anchor Brewing Co., the oldest craft brewery in the United States and a beloved San Francisco institution after 127 years of operation (, 11.7.2023)

Sapporo originally acquired the San Francisco brewery in 2017 at an estimated cost of around USD 85 million (, 4.8.2017).

The site that has accommodated the iconic Anchor Brewing Co.'s "steam beer" facility in San Francisco's Potrero Hill for 44 years is since last month up for sale. Sapporo Holdings Ltd., has listed the 2.17-acre property for USD 40 million. It's important to note that the sale of the Anchor brand is separate and not part of this price.

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