Belgium: AB InBev launches largest indoor food market in Europe

AB InBev and and project developer Extensa will soon be launching the largest indoor food market in Europe. Gare Maritime in Brussels (Dutch: Maritiem Station), a former freight station, opened in 1907 designed to efficiently receive goods like sugar, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and chocolate by land, water and rail will be the heart of the project. The expansive 40,000 m2 (430,000 sq ft) steel and glass structure is situated in Tour & Taxis, a large former industrial site on the Brussels Canal in the City of Brussels, Belgium. After renovation, Gare Maritime will be converted to accommodate ten restaurants, cosy indoor terraces and trendy food stores.

AB InBev has planned a large bar in the middle of the Gare Maritime Food Market with Victoria beer as the central brand.  Victoria is a blond “100% natural”beer with 8.5% alcohol that ferments in the bottle. The beer was launched last year and directly attacks Duvel the iconic Belgium brand of the Moortgat brewery. The label of Victoria shows an angel holding the devil (Duvel is a Dutch dialectal form of devil) to the ground. (, 15.6.2020)

For the restaurants and bars AB InBev is looking for young talents as well as renowned chefs to represent the rich Belgium gastronomy. The concept us totally new to AB InBev but could serve as a role model for other similar operations.

"Our ambition goes beyond a qualitative culinary concept. We are also taking our social impact into consideration and want to forge a bond with the Belgians, the people of Brussels and the area surrounding Tour & Taxis", says Pieter Anciaux, Director Hospitality at AB InBev Belgium. "The Victoria Bar and the restaurants will be sourcing mainly locally. There will also be collaborations with food start-ups and farms from the area."

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